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Company Messenger

The Company Messenger offers your company a closed community. You communicate secure in your companies own cloud. The communication server is embedded in your IT-landscape. You control your community with your own communication platform!

Multi Device

Your customized Company-Messenger App can be used on different devices.

All communications data and business documents are saved secure in your own private cloud or you can choose a data center in your country as a cloud provider.

Open Platform

Our USP is to integrate the company messenger into your IT-landscape. So you can add ERP applications, Widgets with a API interface, AIl chatbots or IoT elements. Of course you can use our development environment of the App Framework for your own programming needs.


“With the Kleiser-Messenger we can communicate with our clients in a closed community in with we are safe relating to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).”

“The medium-sized business urgently needs their own company messenger now in this competitive national and international competition to protect their clients and research projects in a closed community.”

„With the Company-Messenger from APPbyYOU we start a new era of communication with our customers of craft trades companies.“

„The FDBR-Messenger gives us the possiblities to communicate intensive with our members and collaborate with each other. It is an excellent addition for our services portfolio and helps us to work more efficient, quicker and independent to share data.“

Safety First: Schramme-Company-Messenger enables a secure communication with our customers or suppliers, wherever we are! Pursuant to the non-disclosure agreements, technical data, drawings and other information can be sent quickly and safely through our network. All data stays internal, no access to others. Communication 4.0 – worldwide!

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