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Test now the Company-Messenger by  going to Apple App Store or Google Play Store!

Install the standard version on your Smartphone  and register for free.  The resulting APP-ID is a secure identification with which you communicate later. You do not need a mobile telephone number!

After installation you have to add members into your community.  You can at a later point in time play into the Company-Messenger the employees, partners, and or other contacts.  Members are not automatically added into your community.  You decide which persons to invite and add.  The request has to be confirmed before the other person appears in the community.

There are 2GB cloud storage available for test purposes, so that documents and pictures ect. can be saved in the AppCloud.  You can upload documents per messaging with the mail2Cloud function or per DesktopApp, in which the data is uploaded in the menue  -> Upload File from Desktop.

The individual adapted Company-Messenger-App is primarily done with the AppEditor. This AppEditor contains the Elemente and ready made Widgets, with which you can fit the basic Messenger-App to your companies layout. Individual Widgets (e.g. in connection with your CRM Systems using API with the Messenger) make it possible by knowing the programming environment. If you want to test the widgit programming environment you can get in touch with info@company-messenger.com so that we can set up your own Developer Account.