With the Company-Messenger your employees and business partners can communicat e with each other in your very own private closed community. You retain all data rights of data which is used and transferred. The messenger is installed on an „inhouse“ communications server or installed at a high security data centre, where your data is optimally protected!

Your data is safe!

You are the  „master of your data“ and build up your own Eco-System that is simple, flexible and even works across different offices or sites between your employees.  Every employee has access to the centralized data storage (private cloud) and contains a managed defined area for the Employee-App.

Individually Customizable

Standard is a thing of the past! With the help of the AppEditor you can individually customize to your cooperative design of your company.  The AppEditor can be used with no programming experience.

Protected user administration

The users of the Company-Messenger can be automatically played into the messenger system. Additional users can easily be added manually at any time thereafter. Optionally, a positive identification of the user can be made through an Authorization process via SMS. The administrator of the Company-Messenger manages this with a dashboard. The addition and deletion of users, as well as the managing of access rights to various folders, is at any time made possible.