“Flat-User” – price model

We sharply differ from the competition thanks to our innovative pricing model. Instead of a fixed monthly subscription charge for users – we have taken a different approach – to a “flat-user”. You pay per legal identity (i.e. GmbH) a one time license fee of 5,000 Euro and receive unlimited users (employees), and also external users (freelancers, external project members, student trainees, business partners like customers, suppliers) to add to your Company-Messenger community. You do not have to consider each time you have a user if you have to purchase additional licenses, because you have a flat rate!

The Full-Package-License package contains the Company-Messenger with the App-Editor and the App-Framework (platform).

The App-Editor is a Design-Tool for customizing. The design guidelines that form the basis of the product family can easily be used for your marketing department. The authorization concept and the approval management is a part of the App-Editor. Further functions can be found in the handbook -> Download

The App-Framework as software-development environment (SDK) offers you the possibility to create further Mini-Apps, Widgets and Chatbots.  For example you can integrate in the Messenger Plattform single ERP-Transactions according to defined roles per API-connections. Any type of back end functions can be used with the messenger per API. The future is the “Conversational User Interface“! You’re banking on a messenger system, that exists not only as a simple native app as with many other messenger systems, but can choose with good reason a messenger system for you with a Platform („Messaging-as-a-Platform“), that lets you integrate your IT-landscape. Right from the beginning – in the first Step- after 1-2 months introducton, the messenger can be used as Team-Communication (Collaboration-Tool) between the employees and can later be expanded with the use of further Mini-Apps, Widgets and Chatbots – for this you need the App-Framework.


Enterprise licence to install on-premise including AppEditor and AppFramework.

* alle Preise verstehen sich zzgl. der länderspezifischen Mehrwert-/Umsatzsteuer

** jährlichen Wartungsgebühr: 18%

*** die erforderliche HW-Umgebung/Server wird vom Kunde inhouse oder von einem Cloud-Anbieter (Rechenzentrum) seiner Wahl bereitgestellt


We have a free software license available to universities for the complete package (Company-Messenger, AppEditor, Developer-Account).  Professors, teachers, assistents, or students can generate their own app customized to the UNI-App.   We want this technology made available in the universities for learning purposes.  Workshops can take place to develop your own widgets as services.