Price model

The Enperprise-License contains the Company-Messenger with the App-Editor and the App-Framework (platform).

The App-Editor is a Design-Tool for customizing. The design guidelines that form the basis of the product family can easily be used for your marketing department. The authorization concept and the approval management is a part of the App-Editor. Further functions can be found in the handbook -> Download

The App-Framework as software-development environment (SDK) offers you the possibility to create further Mini-Apps, Widgets and Chatbots.  For example you can integrate in the Messenger Plattform single ERP-Transactions according to defined roles per API-connections. Any type of back end functions can be used with the messenger per API. The future is the “Conversational User Interface“! You’re banking on a messenger system, that exists not only as a simple native app as with many other messenger systems, but can choose with good reason a messenger system for you with a Platform („Messaging-as-a-Platform“), that lets you integrate your IT-landscape. Right from the beginning – in the first Step- after 1-2 months introducton, the messenger can be used as Team-Communication (Collaboration-Tool) between the employees and can later be expanded with the use of further Mini-Apps, Widgets and Chatbots – for this you need the App-Framework.


Enterprise licence to install on-premise including AppEditor and AppFramework.

* alle Preise verstehen sich zzgl. der länderspezifischen Mehrwert-/Umsatzsteuer

** jährlichen Wartungsgebühr: 18%

*** die erforderliche HW-Umgebung/Server wird vom Kunde inhouse oder von einem Cloud-Anbieter (Rechenzentrum) seiner Wahl bereitgestellt


We have a free software license available to universities for the complete package (Company-Messenger, AppEditor, Developer-Account).  Professors, teachers, assistents, or students can generate their own app customized to the UNI-App.   We want this technology made available in the universities for learning purposes.  Workshops can take place to develop your own widgets as services.