Unique Selling Proposition

Four points which distinguish us mainly from market supporters:

1. Customizing

Our Messaging-System is completely individually customizable. An AppEditor-Tool is at your disposal, which lets you customize without programming. Your guidelines for marketing design can be completely implemented and the result is an individualized Company-Messenger ( for example: AMF-Messenger).

Unique Selling Proposition

2. App implementation

The Company-Messenger can contain different implemented apps for employees, department heads, management, project managers, service employees, sales employees, business partners, ect. The apps differentiate themselves by the app templates which contain different access points to the cloud folder and have different service setups (Widgets).

3. Service plattform

You choose which widgets your Company-Messenger should contain. Widgets with product catalogs, key figures, shift schedules , and many more can be intergrated using the service plattform in your messenger. You can also specify what widget an employee can see. The employees can choose from the widgets available to them in the Company-Messenger those that they want displayed.

4. Development environment (SDK) for Messaging-System

Do you want more individuality and have your own developers on hand? No problem! Within the available programming environment you can add at anytime widgets. For example, individual interface connections can be developed for the Company-Messenger. Individual realtime reports for employees can be connected with the help of different interfaces and much more. The posibilities in the Company-Messenger are without bounds.

Your developers can create widgets in the programming languages of JavaScript, TypeScript, and Angular2 and add these to the company-Messenger. The maintenance of the widgets is done with Content-Management-System which stands at your disposal. Your developed widgets can be translated and released in numerous languages.

Development environment (SDK) for Messaging-System