Use Cases

The Company-Messenger can be used in almost all business areas because of the great number of individual usable widgets.  Whether you are a manufacturing company, project manager, or a local craftsman:  the Company-Messenger can meet your communication needs.  Look at the following practical examples of application.   The different business areas show us clearly that the Company-Messenger fits your needs through its many features.  It is the ideal solution for your secure business communications!

Application examples:

Research & Development

A research and development department can be found in a manufacturing company.  Using the Company-Messenger you could communicate or exchange data with customers and designers  with the highest level of security!  The data rights have the highest priority in this use case.  Your data remains secure when you communicate with the Company-Messenger because your data is stored in a private cloud or your own server.  Your company, your data and your internal communications are safe and secure!

At any time, other persons can be added to communicate with pilot customers and developers.  The access to the different areas of the cloud can be individually controlled.   Designs, technical drawings, and much more, can be shared with external consultants, patent attorneys or other persons.   With the Company-Messenger, you communicate safely and securely  from design to production.


In these times of Industrie 4.0 the communication between man and machine is indispensable component.  Even here, the Company-Messenger offers a solution.

Closed communities which consist of machine operators, foreman, programmers, and maintenance receive an overview of the current production.  The monitoring of the production steps in realtime, as well as the notification of malfuntions or action required, are all possible with the Company-Messenger.  Further,  production documents are stored in the private cloud and are available across all your locations.

Monitor your entire production in one app!


Closed communities between customers and service technicians ensure a quick and easy communication.  The access to documents in the private cloud ensures a secure environment.  If , for example, a machine registers a disruption, the service technician  can attain important information about the machine by scanning the QR- Code which contains serial number, last service etc.  This simplifies correction of the disruption.   The service technician  has access to the cloud which contains the entire machine history about the machine served  such as  parts recently exchanged and much more.

Using the Company-Messenger you save valuable time with your service call.

Key Account

Use the Company-Messenger for your sales channels!  Key Accounters can communicate in a closed community with customers, office workers and customer service employees.  Using the private cloud with different access rights, makes the access to technical documents of components easier.  Even secure access with differrent access rights to receipts is made possible to the private cloud with the Company-Messenger.  Allocating different rights is uncomplicated and can easily controlled.

Central Management

The Company-Messenger supplies the management, department heads, and other employees different reports as needed.   Data  about business performance can be retrieved immediately in realtime, and be discussed via chat group.  Sales of the different areas of the company can be divided, or available budgets retrieved.  Data about your production, for example such as which production line delivered the best quality in the quarter, can be retrieved.  Exactly to your requirements, different KPI-Reports can be customized and retrieved for your viewing.


The Company-Messenger offers the optimal solution to the human resource provider for the entire management of personnel.   The closed community can contain applicants, recruiters, partners, and office workers.  Using the private cloud, applicants documents can be made accessable to business partners for examination.  Human resource providers and applicants can easily communicate with each other as well as the business partners by chat within the closed community.


Activity reports of the individual employees, vacation requests or statistics can be securely saved and accessed in the private cloud with the Company-Messenger.  The office worker now has quick access to needed documents. The communication exchanged and transaction processing between the external employees, business partners and the human resources department is fully traceable history.  The entire communication and data exchanged is archived on your own server and therefore  verifiable and transparent.

Office services

It is often the case that the areas of application of the external employees have to be monitored due to legal implications.  The Company-Messenger offers, also here, a complete solution.  Work locations, monitoring of work hours,  and other KPI-Report can be accessed for view in realtime which show warnings and need for action.  Others are sales, action required indicators and free resources all accessable in realtime.  Manage all your employees with one app!

Trouble-free communication with the execution of your projects!  That is the essential point behind this.  The Company-Messenger can be used in construction projects, for example.  Architects, builders, construction managers and craftsmen can communicate with each other about a project application with different access rights.  Also here, the safety of the data is an important aspect so that blueprints, cost calculations ect. do not fall into the wrong hands.

As of the very first design, all documentation are saved securely in the private cloud and made available to the customer.  Decisions can be made using the chat dialog.  The construction process can be monitored with the Company-Messenger and the builder can see which areas of work have to be completed at which dedline.  Deviations from this deadline can be communicated to the customer as well as the current status of the construction project.

The history of the individual trades, designs and plans, as well as manufacturer data of building parts, are available with a klick for tracking even after project end.

In the case of service, the Company-Messenger handles the complete transaction.  Simple notification per pic from the customer, notifies the respective builder so that he can notify the craftsman of the needed improvement of his work.